Canneseries Unveils Sixth Edition Selection

March 28, 2023

By Jamie Stalcup, World Screen

Canneseries has revealed the jury and competition selections for its sixth edition, set to take place in Cannes from April 14 to 19.

The competition features Bargain (South Korea), Bon matin Chuck (ou l’art de réduire les méfaits) (Canada), Carthago (Israel), Childhood Dreams (Netherlands), Corduroy (Israel), Faux-Semblants (Dead Rings) (U.S.), Power Play (Norway), Prisoner (Denmark), Spinners (France, South Africa) and Tapie (France).

The short-form competition selection includes Appetite (Australia), Du Fleuve Naissent Les Rivières (Streams Flow from a River) (Canada), Easy Peasy (Norway), Groundbreaking (Ireland), L’air d’aller (Thin Air) (Canada), Missing (Argentina), Out of Touch (Sweden), Roomies (Belgium), Terrain Sensible (Marseille Mon Amour) (France) and The Left-Handed Son (Spain).

In the documentary series competition are Chevaline (The Chevaline Killings: Finding the Missing Place) (France), Draw for Change! (Belgium), Juan Carlos: Downfall of the King (Germany), Lac-Mégantic—Ceci N’est Pas un Accident (Lac-Mégantic—This is Not an Accident) (Canada), Miracle N°71 (Belgium) and Reading Again Mafalda (Argentina).

Out of competition are Silo (U.K.), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (La Fabuleuse Mme Maisel) (U.S.), B.R.I. (France) and Fatal Attraction (Liaison Fatale) (U.S.).

The long-form jury consists of Lior Raz, Shirine Boutella, Zabou Breitman, Stewart Copeland and Daryl Mccormack, while the short-form jury includes Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi, Marina Rollman and Simona Tabasco. In the docuseries jury are Asif Kapadia, Melissa Theuriau and Nathalie Marchak.

Also, Sarah Michelle Gellar will receive the Canal+ Icon Award, while Morfydd Clark will be given the Madame Figaro Rising Star Award. Joey Soloway will bet resented with the Konbini Prix de l‘Engagement.