Cineflix Media Launches Cineflix’s International Development Initiative for Quebec Content with support from SODEC (SODEXPORT) and Quebecor Fund

October 16, 2017

Cineflix Media Inc., with the support of Quebecor Fund and SODEC (SODEXPORT), announced today Cineflix’s International Development Initiative for Quebec Content ; an initiative to foster the adaptation of French-language television scripted series and formats created by Quebec producers for the English-speaking global market.

Cineflix’s International Development Initiative for Quebec Content is jointly funded by Cineflix, SODEC (Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec) through the SODEXPORT program, and Quebecor Fund’s Export Assistance Program. In the first phase, $750,000 in funding is being made available to invest in a number of projects over the next two years. Available to all Quebec producers, the initiative is dedicated to leveraging the success of existing French-language TV series by providing resources and funding to accelerate the development, production, and export of English-language versions for the international market.

“Producers in Quebec are creating innovative and highly-successful scripted and factual series for the Quebec market, which also have great untapped potential in the international market. This initiative will help Quebec producers develop new revenue streams, break into new markets, and continue to build the ‘Made in Quebec’ brand on a global scale,” said Pablo Salzman, VP, Commercial Affairs, Cineflix Media.

“We’ve seen the tremendous success of Scandinavian television formats and we want to give our Québecois home-grown talent the chance to take on the world in a similar way. This exciting new initiative will promote further development of our domestic TV industry,” said Monique Simard, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC).

“This initiative is a real opportunity to tap into Québecois creativity and showcase it on an international stage; there’s no better partner to make that happen than Cineflix, a Montreal-based TV production and distribution powerhouse that understands the global market demands,” said Serge Thibaudeau, CEO, Quebecor Fund.

Cineflix’s International Development Initiative for Quebec Content will focus primarily on the adaptation and development of scripted series, but will also consider factual content. Interested parties should contact the fund’s Director, Pablo Salzman, to learn more about the mandate. 


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