MEDIA RELEASE: Cineflix Rights acquires Tempting Fortune from Voltage TV

January 12, 2023

Cineflix Rights has acquired the worldwide rights to exciting new format Tempting Fortune from Voltage TV, which has been commissioned by Channel 4 for the UK and Roku for North America. The format and first season will be launched to international buyers at this year’s London Screenings.

Tempting Fortune is a bold new format for the age of instant gratification. Twelve strangers are dropped in the heart of a vast, remote wilderness with an epic cash prize awaiting them… and a journey unlike any other. To keep the money, all they have to do is reach a designated finish line some 21-days trekking away without spending it. But that will be easier said than done.  As they make their way across tough and hostile terrain they’ll be met with tantalising and enticing temptations. Designed to make their journey to the finish line easier, each temptation will come with an exorbitant price tag—and every time someone caves, the cost will be removed from their shared prize pot. But when you’re exhausted and haven’t eaten for three days, how much would you be willing to pay for a hot meal or a comfortable bed for the night?

Tempting Fortune is the ultimate test of willpower and self-restraint; a noisy and provocative social experiment which promises to reveal what we truly value.

Richard Life, Head of Acquisitions, Cineflix Rights said: “Internationally successful formats which return season after season are what every distributor looks for, and Tempting Fortune has that potential. It’s a totally authentic social experiment which taps into the dilemmas that confront us all, wherever we live around the world, in a highly entertaining format with scale, impact, and mischief.”

Sanjay Singhal, CEO, Voltage TV added: “Tempting Fortune is a fascinating social experiment about willpower and self-restraint which asks questions around what we value the most in life—and how far we’re prepared to go, how much we’re prepared to spend, when we’re faced with the things we most want but at the world’s highest prices. We are thrilled to have Cineflix Rights distributing the series to the international market.”