MEDIA RELEASE: Cineflix Rights closes multiple international deals for content from North American producers

June 06, 2022

Realscreen summit 2022: Cineflix Rights has closed multiple international deals for true crime, history, and science content from its North American producer partners.   

Leading the way is a raft of series from longtime Cineflix Rights partner, San Francisco-based Hoff Productions.  Jeffrey Dahmer: Killer Cannibal (4×60’, Reelz US) has been sold to All 4 (UK), Paramount+ and Pluto TV (Latin America). John Wayne Gacy: Killer Clown’s Revenge (4×60’, Reelz US) has been acquired by All 4 (UK) and Paramount+ and Pluto TV (Latin America). Green River Killer: Hunting the Monster (4×60’, Reelz US) has been picked up by Foxtel Crime and Investigation (Australia) and All 4 (UK). Meanwhile, Ted Bundy: The Survivors (4×60’, Reelz US), has sold to All 4 (UK), Paramount+ and Pluto TV (Latin America), Foxtel Crime and Investigation (Australia), Crime & Investigation Networks (Spain and Portugal), and n-tv (Germany). Rounding off the Hoff Productions deals, Battle of Alcatraz (2×60’, Reelz US) has been bought by AETN (UK), Channel 8 (Israel), Mediaset (Italy), and SBS (Australia).

Law&Crime Productions’ hit series Killer Cases (Seasons 1-3, 30×60’ for True Crime Network, US), which weaves together first-hand interviews and gripping footage from some of the US’s most chilling murder trials continues to perform well internationally. Foxtel Crime and Investigation (Australia), Paramount+ and Pluto TV (Latin America) have bought Seasons 1 and 2; CBC (Canada) has taken Season 1; Crime & Investigation Networks (Spain and Portugal) has bought Season 2; and All 4 (UK) has picked up Season 3.  

From Cineflix Rights’ extensive history slate, Secret Nazi Expeditions (6×60’, Go Button Media for Super Channel Canada), which exposes the covert missions behind Hitler’s propaganda machine, has sold to AETN (UK and EMEA), History Channel (Spain and Portugal), Mediaset (Italy), BILD (Germany), Foxtel History (Australia), and A&E (Latin America).

Jaw-dropping tours of automated houses provide the international attraction for Smart Home Nation (10×30’, Efran Films for FYI US and Crackle US), with sales to Talit (Israel), AMC’s Decasa Network (Spain and Portugal), and Heim TV (Norway).

Richard Life, Head of Acquisitions, Cineflix Rights said: “We are delighted to be partnering with some of the best producers in North America to provide high quality, series across a range of factual genres for our international buyers. We have some exciting new shows lined up for later this year but are actively seeking new shows to invest in, and our team will be on the ground at Realscreen and Banff to meet with producers and unlock the global potential of their IP.”

The deals with Paramount+, Pluto TV, History Channel, Crime and Investigation Networks, Mediaset, MTV Latin America, A&E Latin America, and Decasa Networks were closed by Sabrina Ayala, SVP, Sales, France, Italy, Iberia and Latin America; the deals with All 4, AETN and Heim TV were closed by Sandra Piha, SVP, Sales, Pan-Regional, UK, Eire, and Scandinavia; the deals with Foxtel and SBS were closed by Chris Bluett, SVP, Sales, Asia Pacific and Benelux; the deals with Talit and Channel 8 were closed by Lucy Rawson, VP, Sales, Africa, CEE, Middle East, and Southern Mediterranean; and the deals with n-tv Germany and BILD were closed by Lucinda Gergley-Garner

SVP, Sales, North America and German Speaking Territories.