An Ordinary Woman

Program Overview

9 x 60 min (1 season)


1-2-3 Productions and Look Film


TV3 Channel (Russia)

International Sales

An Ordinary Woman is the story of 39-year-old Marina—an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life in Moscow. She runs her own flower shop, her husband is a surgeon, her younger daughter is in private school, and her older daughter is at university. Her life seems perfect, but behind the façade of this ordinary family lurk many dark secrets. Marina herself is not actually a florist. Instead, she earns her money running a clandestine Whatsapp network of prostitutes. Marina’s real source of income is a mystery to her family, and in turn, they all withhold secrets from her: her husband has a mistress, her older daughter skips lectures to deal drugs, and her youngest is a sociopath. An Ordinary Woman is the riveting story of how Marina copes as her carefully constructed house of cards begins to collapse when one of her ‘girls’ is found dead in a hotel room.