Ancient Bodies: Secrets Revealed

Program Overview

8 x 60 min


Farpoint Films


Super Channel (Canada)

International Sales

Combining age-old mysteries with cutting-edge archaeology, Ancient Bodies: Secrets Revealed calls on the world’s leading experts to crack thousand-year-old puzzles where the cause of death could be accident, murder, suicide—and even ritual sacrifice.

Complete with hair, skin, clothes and all, perfectly-preserved prehistoric bodies emerge from glaciers and peat bogs—as if frozen in time. And, as these time-capsule corpses reveal their secrets, the mystery gradually unravels. With a dramatic story lineup that includes an Irish king murdered by his subjects, the oldest ice mummy ever found, and a group of children discovered ‘sleeping’ on an Argentinian mountaintop, every episode covers a single in-depth investigation and features competing theories, dramatic recreations, and an unforgettable glimpse into everyday life—before recorded history.