Battle of Britain: Three Days that Saved the Nation

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3 x 60 min


Lion Television (an all3media company)


Channel 5 (UK)

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With Hitler determined to bring Britain to its knees, Nazi bombers unleashed a campaign of terror during the summer of 1940. From north to south, the skies were darkened by bombs and aerial dogfights. And though heavily outnumbered, the fearless pilots of the Royal Air Force pushed back the invaders and turned the tide of the war.

On Battle of Britain: Three Days That Saved the Nation, popular historian Dan Snow and TV presenter Kate Humble explore three pivotal days in a thrilling minute-by-minute account. From August 15th, when Hitler’s attacks began in earnest to August 30th, the RAF’s most intense day of fighting when a British defeat seemed imminent and finally September 15th, when Britain’s exhausted defenders put everything on the line to win the battle for air supremacy.

Told from the perspective of the brave and largely unknown souls who put their lives on the line, the riveting three-part series puts a uniquely human face on the war.