Cocaine, Prison & Likes: Isabelle’s True Story

Program Overview

3 x 60 min


Connect3 Media and Urbania Media


RTL (Germany)


Crave (Canada)

International Sales

With millions of dollars of cocaine hidden in their luggage, two young influencers are nabbed on board a luxury cruise ship in Australia, and the irresistible story soon makes headlines around the world. But the international media only report on the glossy surface, and the complex case of the ‘Cocaine Cowgirls’ is never fully explained. That is, until now.

 Featuring the journalists who covered the story—and the first-ever interview with Isabelle Lagacé, the woman at the eye of the storm—Cocaine, Prison & Likes: Isabelle’s True Story is an immersive three-part docu-series about a fantasy cruise-turned-nightmare that allows viewers to come to their own verdict, all while revealing explosive allegations about a massive cartel that potentially sacrificed the women to succeed with an even bigger operation.

Best Factual Series nominee
Canadian Screen Awards