Egypt’s Lost Pyramid

Program Overview

1 x 60 min


At Land Productions Ltd and Lion Television (an all3media company)


Channel 4 (UK) and Smithsonian Channel (US)

International Sales

Unearthing a never-before-seen archaeological wonder, Egypt’s Lost Pyramid excavates a secret burial crypt in the barren desert. But when the tomb is opened for the first time in 4,000 years, it reveals new mysteries about an unknown princess and an ancient crime. Sealed with a ten-tonne capstone and seemingly intact from the outside, the contents of the tomb have been disturbed with evidence that the crypt was ransacked long ago.

Now it’s up to a team of the world’s leading Egyptologists to sift through the forensic debris and unravel its secrets. And, as the identity of an unknown princess emerges from the fragments, so does the story of a cunning inside job. Featuring exclusive access to a once-in-a-lifetime dig, Egypt’s Lost Pyramid offers exciting new revelations about one of the most mysterious eras of the ancient world.