Girl in the Video

Program Overview

1 x 90 min


ITN Productions


Lifetime (US)

International Sales

Depicting every parent’s worst nightmare, Girl in the Video is a terrifying tale of abduction—and an heroic tale of survival and rescue.

Set in a sinister world of online criminals, a catfishing kidnapper abducts Krissy, an unsuspecting 15-year-old. And, while he streams live videos on the dark web for a paying audience, her mother makes an impassioned plea to the media as a seasoned FBI investigator and local detective join forces to bring Krissy home alive.

Directed by Neil Rawles, the movie stars Cush Jumbo (The Good WifeThe Good Fight) as Krissy’s mother Mo Meyer, and a diverse young cast including Tia May Watts as Krissy Meyer and Amaree Ali as Robbie Meyer.