Good Morning Chuck (Or the Art of Harm Reduction)

Program Overview

10 x 60 min


Connect3 Media and St Laurent TV


Crave (Canada)

International Sales

Good Morning Chuck is a dramatic comedy series about Chuck, the beloved host of a morning show who finds himself on the front page of all the newspapers and gossip magazines after a scandal involving his drug and alcohol addiction erupts. All his fans are shocked, but for those close to him, this is the final straw. With his reputation on the line, Chuck heads to rehab in order to convince his spouse, his agent, and the public of his (relative) goodwill. The problem: Chuck doesn’t really think he needs help… He tells anyone who will listen that he’s just a party guy! 

Good Morning Chuck is co-directed and co-written by Jean-François Rivard (Happily Married), Sarianne Cormier (Les Vestiges), and Patrick Dupuis (Punch Club ). It stars Nicolas Pinson (Les Invincibles) as Chuck alongside Chantal Fontaine (Happily Married), Sylvain Marcel (19-2), Bernard Fortin (Providence), Benz Antoine (The Expanse and V-Wars), Kevin Owens (WWE Superstar), and Marilyn Castonguay (Happily Married).  

Drama Series: Non-English Language nominee
Rockie Awards