Inside Cadbury: Chocolate Secrets Unwrapped

Program Overview

1 x 60 min


Whitworth Media Limited


Channel 4 (UK)

International Sales

With unprecedented access to one of the sweetest assembly lines in the world, Inside Cadbury: Chocolate Secrets Unwrapped goes deep inside the secretive world of Britain’s biggest and best-loved chocolate maker. Determined to meet the company’s biggest challenge in a century, it’s up to a group of scientists to figure out how to drastically cut sugar from Cadbury’s Dairy Milk—the company’s flagship chocolate bar—without sacrificing the dreamy texture that’s made it a fan-favourite since 1905.

Meanwhile, huge production lines operate at full capacity to feed Britain’s insatiable appetite for chocolate; inspired by creative customer requests, a series of wacky new flavours goes into production; and, Cadbury secret agents hide prize-winning white Easter eggs across the country.