Late Bloomer

Program Overview

8 x 30 min


Cineflix Studios and Pier 21 Films in association with Bell Media


Crave (Canada)

International Sales

A new comedy from YouTuber Jus Reign, Late Bloomer follows the everyday life of Jasmeet Dutta (played by Jasmeet Raina), your average turban-wearing, live at home millennial. Jasmeet, like many others his age, continuously feels like he’s behind in life as he witnesses his peers with seemingly thriving careers and picture-perfect marriages. The added pressure of being an eldest son within an immigrant household is, of course, not helping either. Working as a driver for a family run Tiffin business (delivering Indian home cooked meals to students), he decides to start a video blog and share the frustrations of his life and mediocre attempts at adulthood.

As a result, he finds himself striking a chord with a steadily growing internet audience who can relate to his journey. Jasmeet, like many first-generation children of immigrants, comes from a deeply rooted Indo-Canadian community and constantly finds himself balancing his cultural Eastern roots while adapting Western ideals of discovering a sense of self.

The series tackles themes like dating as a POC, digital-age friendships, self-growth with a million modern distractions, spirituality, and dealing with a dysfunctional (yet loving) Punjabi family. All while navigating the Wild West of online celebrity and becoming an unlikely voice of an unheard generation.

Throughout Jasmeet’s journey, he crosses paths with a variety of colourful characters, outlandish dilemmas, and trying situations that challenge the very notions of who he is. As a result, Jasmeet begins to question if his “internet life” is actually doing more harm than good as the therapeutic nature of his online persona begins to adversely affect as many bridges as it builds.

Late Bloomer stars Jasmeet Singh Raina (YouTuber Jus Reign) as Jasmeet Dutta, with Baljinder Singh Atwal (Des Pardes) as Gurdeep Dutta, Sandeep Bali as Supinder Gutta, Ashley Ganger (Grand Army) as Maanvi Dutta, with Sugenja Sri (The Handmaid’s Tale) as Chippy, Sachin Mahashi as Sunny, and Ahamed Weinberg (Insecure) as Neal.

The eight-episode half-hour series from Pier 21 Films is created and Executive produced by Jasmeet Raina. Shebli Zarghami is Executive Producer and Showrunner. Executive Producers are Baljinder Dhawan, and Laszlo Barna, Nicole Butler, Karen Tsang, and Vanessa Steinmetz for Pier 21 Films. Lakna Edirisinghe is Co-Executive Producer.