Ramses The Great: King of Ancient Egypt

Program Overview

6 x 60 min


Pernel Media


C8 (France) and Planète+ (France)

International Sales

Featuring cutting-edge science and unique access to the latest archaeological discoveries, Ramses The Great: King of Ancient Egypt, exposes the man behind the myth. And reveals how—for the past few thousand years—this mighty ruler has remained a caricature of his own propaganda. 

The pharaoh’s remarkable destiny unfolds in six spellbinding episodes that bring his astounding 67-year-rule to life—a legendary reign during which he turned a fallen empire into one of the most powerful realms of all time.  

It’s an immersive journey that features CGI reconstructions, jaw-dropping footage, and insightful commentary from passionate experts who bring ancient Egypt to life like never before, and who reveal Ramesses’ darkest secrets and lies along the way.