Step up to the plate

Program Overview

28 x 30 min (2 seasons)


Lion Television (an all3media company)



International Sales

Searching for the next generation of restaurant industry talent, head chef Allegra McEvedy and super-suave service expert Fred Sirieix challenge passionate young contestants to Step Up to the Plate.

In a series of hilarious challenges including outrageous themes, celebrity guests, and deliberately difficult diners, Fred coaches his crew in the art of service while Allegra teaches hers to run a professional kitchen.

Facing comic gags, a steep learning curve, and a restaurant full of diners, these adorable junior servers and chefs are put to the test. Only the best performers from every episode move on to the next round. And the trick is to stay cool under fire as their demanding coaches turn up the heat—and as the competition moves to the final round at a top London restaurant.

Best Live Action Kids Programme winner
Content Innovation Awards