Program Overview

1 x 90 min


Connect3 Media and Sepia Films


ZDF (Germany)


Prime Video (Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

International Sales

Inspired by the dramatic real-life story of the women who became known as the Cocaine Cowgirls, two young influencers are coaxed by a charming man into joining an all-expenses-paid luxury vacation around the world aboard a cruise ship. Posting glamorous selfies along the way, they make breathtaking stops in New York, Panama, Tahiti, and beyond. But some invitations are just too good to be true. Behind the alluring influencer posts, the dream trip quickly becomes a nightmare as the women realize that they’ve become ensnared in a deadly drug-smuggling operation.

With kilos and kilos of cocaine stashed in their cabin, the bikini-clad drug mules only have each other to trust as they try to plot a way out. But amid death threats against their families back home—and literally nowhere to run—the walls begin to close in on them. As the days countdown to the end of the journey, facing a growing sense of dread, they must continue their social media charade to make it out alive.

A feature crime thriller on the high seas, Sugar stars Katherine McNamara (ShadowhuntersMaze Runner: The Death Cure), Jasmine Sky Sarin (Perfect High), Armand Assante (Gotti), and Éric Bruneau (Coroner).