Ted Bundy: The Survivors

Program Overview

4 x 60min


Hoff Productions


Reelz (US)

International Sales

Ted Bundy: The Survivors tells the hair-raising story of America’s most notorious serial killer from the perspective of the lucky few who got away.

Masquerading as a charming law student with a ravenous appetite for murder, Bundy was a handsome monster who preyed exclusively on beautiful young women. And from 1974 to 1978, he left destruction and terror in his wake as he blazed a bloody trail across the country.

But beyond the gruesome death toll, nationwide manhunt, and courtroom drama that ultimately sealed his fate are incredible stories of survival. Determined to rebuild their bodies and their lives, these courageous women were once victims of this homicidal drifter, yet refuse to be defined by their encounter with evil.