Tempting Fortune

Program Overview

6 x 60 min


Voltage TV


Channel 4 (UK) and Roku (US)

International Sales

A bold new format for the age of instant gratification, twelve strangers are dropped in the heart of a remote wilderness where an epic cash prize awaits. To keep the money, all they have to do is carry it across the finish line—without spending it. But that’s easier said than done. As their grueling 18-day trek unfolds—and as hunger and exhaustion set in—these road-weary adventurers come across some of the most tantalizing creature comforts on Earth, all offered at the world’s most exorbitant prices. And every time someone caves, there’s that much less for everyone to share.

Amid moral dilemmas, peer pressure, and extreme temptation, Tempting Fortune is a daring social experiment that features the ultimate test in willpower and self-restraint.