The President’s Mother

Program Overview

1 x 60 min


Mast-ard Studio Ltd


BBC Alba (UK) and TG4 (Ireland)

International Sales

The President’s Mother charts the rags-to-riches journey of Mary Anne MacLeod—Donald Trump’s mother—from an impoverished Scottish fishing village to her privileged place within one of the wealthiest and most powerful property development families in New York. Weaving together unique archives, intimate interviews, and exclusive correspondence—this largely untold story presents a timeless portrait of immigration and the glittering promise of America from the perspective of a woman who unwittingly helped shape it.

At the heart of the narrative is Mary’s enduring friendship with her teenage pen-pal, Agnes Stiven. From their parting in the 1930s to their touching reunion more than 60 years later, this unique relationship provides an emotional springboard for the sweeping story of European migration in the last century, and the emergence of modern-day America.