The Wall: Cover Your Tracks

Program Overview

17 x 60 min (2 seasons)


Pixcom Productions



International Sales

Detective Sergeant Celine Trudeau is assigned to investigate a strange homicide that took place in Fermont, a small mining town on the Labrador border.

Upon arriving, she discovers “The Wall”—an immense structure that protects the inhabitants from the icy Arctic wind. This place of refuge for the population becomes a crime scene. The whole city is in turmoil…and everyone’s under suspicion. Tension rises when it becomes clear that the crime is connected with the death of a child three years prior. Pain—and suspicion—plagues the relatives of the two victims.

To solve the mystery surrounding the murders and decipher the intricate crime scene created by the killer, Céline joins forces with a young local policeman, Alex Théberge. They share an immediate chemistry.

Celine has an unexpected encounter with her own daughter, Sophie, who’s living in self-imposed exile in Fermont, hoping to escape her mother forever. Sophie still blames Celine for a heartbreaking betrayal they endured four years ago.

Over the course of the investigation, the lives of Celine, Alex, Sophie and the residents of Fermont are completely shaken when their darkest secrets come to light.