Voices of the Dead

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3 x 60 min


SandStone Global


Channel 5 (UK)

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In Voices of the Dead, Professor Bettany Hughes leads a forensic investigation into some of the most enduring mysteries of the ancient world and brings viewers face-to-face with the extraordinary people of the past she unearths along the way.

Based on sparse remains and clues gleaned from their possessions, Bettany uses the latest evidence and cutting-edge science to craft intimate portraits of these forgotten souls. And while exploring epic and sometimes explosive moments of history, even reveals the sound of their lost voices.

Digging into Tutankhamun’s secrets, the team uncovers dark stories of royal intrigue—including his mother’s murder—along with answers that have eluded Egyptologists for decades. Meanwhile, Bettany reconstructs the identity and fate of five victims of Mount Vesuvius—one of history’s worst natural disasters—leading up to and following its devastating eruption.