WWII by Drone

Program Overview

6 x 60 min


Like a Shot Entertainment


UKTV (UK) and Smithsonian Channel (US)

International Sales

From the clear waters of the Mediterranean to the darkest forests of Poland, few places in Europe were spared the brutality of the Second World War. And on WWII by Drone, these sleeping battlefields come to life as never before.

This documentary features military experts and historians crisscrossing the continent to revisit the war’s most iconic sites, and—thanks to cutting-edge CGI, remote-operated vehicles, drone-mounted technology, and lidar—they uncover untold stories and long-forgotten secrets.

Today, Europe’s battle-scarred buildings, shipwrecks, and abandoned fortresses are silent symbols of courage and sacrifice. And, as the six-part series reveals these epic struggles in vivid detail, viewers experience the reality of war—from the perspective of the brave souls who fought for our freedom.