Media Release: Cineflix Productions, Ping Pong Productions, and Will Spjut Announce New LA-based Joint Venture Shiny Screens Entertainment

September 24, 2021

Cineflix Productions and Ping Pong Productions are partnering to launch Shiny Screens Entertainment, a joint venture with celebrated showrunner Will Spjut. Based in LA, the new production company will develop and produce high-value unscripted series and formats for the global market. As part of the deal, Cineflix Rights has the exclusive first-look to distribute Shiny Screens Entertainment content internationally when applicable.

Will Spjut is a 20-year television industry veteran with development and Executive Producer credits across multiple platforms including unscripted television, branded entertainment, and live music event production. His many successes include Border Wars, Building Wild, and Die Trying for National Geographic, Fox’s Home Free, Nashville Star for USA Network, and The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals for Netflix. While crisscrossing the globe, he has chased sharks, grizzly bears, and drug lords, and has helped build everything from dream homes to music careers.

LA-based Ping Pong Productions is the award-winning company behind Discovery’s global adventure series Expedition Unknown, TLC’s fan-favorite Dr. Pimple Popper, as well as a diverse portfolio of other hit titles since its inception in 2006. Founded by Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels—Ping Pong is dedicated to bringing unique journeys and daring discoveries to the screen with each and every production. Having now filmed in over 135 countries around the world, Ping Pong continues to push boundaries in making content that not only defies the norm but expands viewers’ greater understanding of the unknown.

“Having the support of two powerhouses like Cineflix Productions and Ping Pong is an enormous vote of confidence and our combined experience across various networks and genres makes for a spectacular team. I’m excited to continue to create innovative and original series that will entertain and inform audiences worldwide,” said Will Spjut.

“Will arrives with a proven track record and strong relationships among leading networks and platforms which made this partnership an easy decision. Incorporating the expertise of Ping Pong and Cineflix Productions along with Will’s unique skillset and approach to storytelling equates to Shiny Screens being a juggernaut for years to come,” said Casey Brumels, Creative Director and Co-Owner Ping Pong Productions.

“Will is not only a brilliant developer, but he has successfully produced in virtually every genre across streaming, broadcast, and cable, and Ping Pong has a strong track record in producing unmissable original content—we’re all pumped about what we will be able to accomplish together with this exciting new joint venture,” said J.C. Mills, President and Commercial Director, Cineflix Productions.

Shiny Screens Entertainment is the latest production outfit to join Cineflix Media’s growing group of joint ventures and producer partnerships—a lineup that includes recently launched Toronto-based Husk Media and More to the Story Media; New York’s First Story Productions; Mirage producer Connect3 Media in Montreal; and Buccaneer Media, the London-based International Emmy® Award-winning producer of Marcella, Whitstable Pearl, and Crime.

The deal was set up by Cineflix Productions’ J.C. Mills and Sam Berliner, Bill Abrams for Ping Pong Productions, and James Finney and Sean Zeid on behalf of Will Spjut.


About Will Spjut

Celebrated LA-based showrunner Will Spjut is a 20-year veteran of the television industry with development and Executive Producer credits across multiple platforms including branded entertainment, unscripted television, and live music event production.

He is also the founder of Shiny Screens Entertainment, a joint venture with Cineflix Productions and Ping Pong Productions that harnesses their combined networks and creative power to produce original unscripted series and formats for global audiences.

A master of immersive storytelling, Spjut’s many successes include Border Wars, Building Wild, and Die Trying (Nat Geo), Home Free (Fox), Nashville Star (USA Network), Stay Here, and The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals (Netflix). While crisscrossing the globe in the pursuit of great TV, he has chased sharks, grizzly bears, and drug lords­—and has helped build everything from dream homes to music careers. 

About Ping Pong
We are Ping Pong Productions—an award-winning production company dedicated to bringing unique journeys, daring discoveries and life’s everyday adventures to the screen with style and integrity. With over 45 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry, founders Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels have made their mark with a diverse portfolio of content.

PPP’s newest hits are Expedition Unknown, featuring adventurer Josh Gates as he travels around the world solving some of history’s most incredible mysteries and Dr. Pimple Popper, featuring Dr. Sandra Lee, bursting the airwaves for TLC.

In our Glendale production facility, we work in a hands-on capacity to create innovative projects with unmatched quality. We have a turnkey post-production department and an extensive tech inventory that enable us to keep our work in-house and ensure quality control remains under lock and key.

About Cineflix Media
Creating, producing, and distributing distinctive factual and scripted programming, the Cineflix Media group includes Cineflix Productions, Cineflix Rights, Cineflix Studios, Buccaneer Media, Connect3 Media, Husk Media, and a hub of producers from the US, UK, and Canada with whom we share strategic partnerships through joint ventures, first-look deals, and co-productions. With a catalogue of more than 5,000 hours of select programming across a wide range of genres, Cineflix is behind some of TV’s most popular and long-running shows.

About Cineflix Productions
Cineflix Productions is a leading creator and producer of must-watch content for global networks and streamers. From its production and development hubs in Toronto and New York, the company’s talented creative teams produce some of TV’s longest-running international hits like American Pickers and critically acclaimed Mayday: Air Disaster, and developed one of the biggest TV franchises, Property Brothers. Cineflix Productions also has a slate of gripping true-crime series including The Clown and The Candyman and Homicide: Hours to Kill, as well as TV movies like award-winning Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey and I Was Lorena Bobbitt. Cineflix Productions is part of the Cineflix Media group of companies.

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