Cineflix Rights signs multi-series deal with ProSiebenSat.1

September 07, 2016

Cineflix Rights, the UK’s largest independent TV content distributor, has signed a major deal with ProSiebenSat.1 which sees the German broadcaster buying multiple titles from Cineflix Productions and third party producers.

Crime and Investigation series make up the bulk of the deal, including some of Cineflix Rights’ most popular and enduring brands such as Cold Blood (Seasons 1-8, 99×60’, Cineflix Productions), Nowhere to Hide (Seasons 1 and 2, 12×60’, Cineflix Productions), Unusual Suspects (Seasons 6-8, 20×60’, LMNO Productions), and Murder Book (Seasons 1 and 2, 23×60’, LMNO Productions).

Alongside these titles is one of the latest crime shows from Cineflix Productions, American Lawmen (8×60’), which travels back in time to America’s violent and lawless past to recount the tales of a few brave citizens who strapped on a badge and gun, and placed their own lives on the line in the fight for justice.

Chris Bonney, CEO Rights, Cineflix Media said: “Germany is a key market for Cineflix Rights with the larger, more established broadcasters looking for more content and launching new channels to counter the growth of emerging OTT players. We’re delighted to be continuing our strong relationship with ProSieben through these latest deals which reflect our ability to provide high quality, multi-season brands that are in-demand with our network partners.” 

The deals were closed by Lucinda Gergley-Garner, SVP Sales (Germany and North America) and Canadian Acquisitions.


For more information, contact Mark Ogle at OH Communications (for Cineflix Rights): / +44 (0) 7789 981561

About Cineflix Rights 
Cineflix Rights, a division of Cineflix Media Inc., is the UK’s largest independent TV content distributor with a catalogue of more than 4,600 hours of popular content from some of the world’s most creative producers. Our diversified factual and scripted programs cover a wide range of genres including crime & investigation, documentaries & specials, history, factual entertainment, lifestyle, reality, science & technology, wildlife & natural history, as well as formats. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in London, Cineflix Rights has sales teams in the UK and North America.