Media Release: Cineflix Productions and Hello Friend Media developing new LGBTQIA2S+ youth series Summer Qamp

November 05, 2021

Cineflix Productions is partnering with Hello Friend Media to produce Summer Qamp(working title)a new documentary series chronicling the stories of LGBTQIA2S+ youth from across North America as they explore identity and build community at a summer camp like no other.

Cineflix and Hello Friend Media have secured access to Camp fYrefly—an inclusive and idyllic environment nestled between the Canadian Rockies and the North Saskatchewan River Valley—where youth are encouraged to let down their guard and explore their authentic selves.

Focusing in on a few key camp-goers and counselors, Summer Qamp (working title) follows their experiences amid bonfires, canoe trips, and other rites of passage. From makeup classes led by the glittering drag queen-in-residence to healing circles where an Indigenous Elder shares what it means to be Two Spirit and explores ancient concepts of gender fluidity—it’s a welcoming space where campers learn to express their identities.

Summer Qamp will make you laugh and make you cry while giving us all a view of the world through the eyes of LGBTQIA2S+ youth,” said J.C. Mills, President and Commercial Director, Cineflix Productions. “Thank you to Mia and Lauren for bringing us this brilliant concept that delivers a feel-good message of self-acceptance—it’s everything we need right now.”

“As a queer person who grew up going to summer camp, I can only imagine the impact a safe space like this would have had on the trajectory of my life. I’m honored to share these experiences that reflect the ways in which millions of young queer people already see the world, though they are rarely represented on screen,” said Mia Weier, Co-Founder of Hello Friend Media.

Summer Qamp (working title) is developed and produced by Cineflix Productions’ J.C. Mills and VP of Development Kristin Wendell with Hello Friend Media’s Lauren Heimer and Mia Weier among the Executive Producers.


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