Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias

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1 x 90 min


Cineflix Productions


Lifetime (US)

International Sales

Exploring the infamous Jodi Arias case from the perspective of the killer’s friends and fellow inmates, Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias is a psychological thriller about a couple whose lives are nearly destroyed by the ultimate femme fatale.

When Donavan Bering and Tracy Brown meet Jodi Arias in prison, they believe she’s an innocent victim who’s been wrongly accused of murder. But as Jodi weaves her way into the couple’s lives—relying on them for protection and friendship behind bars—they gradually realize she’s a remorseless manipulator willing to do anything to escape conviction.

Starring Celina Sinden (ReignThe Outpost) as Jodi Arias, Tricia Black (Pretty Hard CasesLocke and Key) as Donavan Bering, and Lynn Rafferty (North Sea ConnectionThe Expanse) as Tracy Brown.

Best Direction, TV Movie nominee (Rama Rau)
Canadian Screen Awards
Best Supporting Performer, Drama nominee (Lynn Rafferty)
Canadian Screen Awards