Girl in the Bunker

Program Overview

1 x 120 min (TV Movie)


Cineflix Productions


Lifetime (US)

Based on a terrifying true story, Girl In the Bunker recounts Elizabeth Shoaf’s ten-day underground nightmare, and how she eventually outsmarted her captor. Posing as a police officer, Vinson Filyaw kidnaps 14-year-old Elizabeth, marches her through the woods, and holds her captive in an underground bunker. Elizabeth’s parents are frantic, and though local police mobilize a massive search, the sheriff suspects she’s a runaway. Meanwhile, a few feet underground—and within a mile of her home—Elizabeth is at Vinson’s mercy. Using her as bait, Vinson is playing out his Rambo fantasies in a bunker rigged with bombs.

Featuring news footage and interviews with firsthand accounts from Shoaf, her parents and police officials, the special takes viewers through Shoaf’s journey to a new beginning.

Deadline Hollywood