Hitler’s Most Wanted

Program Overview

10 x 60 min


Cineflix Productions


Discovery Networks (Europe), UKTV (UK), and Planète (France)

International Sales

Hitler’s Most Wanted takes a fresh look at how and why a generation of men and women living in a cultured, European society became the leaders of one of the most barbaric regimes of all time, responsible for starting a war that killed more than 60 million people.

Visiting the villages and towns where these elite Nazi leaders grew up, as well as the sites of their worst atrocities, filmmaker James Ellis meets with young historians to explore the defining moments which transformed everyday Germans into mass murderers.

As knowledge of the origins of the Third Reich recedes amongst millennials, Hitler’s Most Wanted examines how respectable citizens in a free society were manipulated by propaganda. Now it’s time for a new generation to scrutinize some of the key personalities of the Third Reich to determine what happened and ensure that the lessons of history never be forgotten.

Best Direction, Documentary Series nominee
Canadian Screen Awards
Best Production Design or Art Direction, Non-Fiction nominee
Canadian Screen Awards