Takaya: Lone Wolf

Program Overview

1 x 60 min


Talesmith, MBM TV, and Cineflix Productions


CBC (Canada), BBC (UK), and ARTE (France and Germany)


Cheryl Alexander

International Sales

When a lone wolf is spotted prowling a small uninhabited archipelago just off the coast of the city of Victoria, British Columbia, local resident and renowned wildlife photographer Cheryl Alexander goes in for a closer look. What follows is a seven-year relationship that pushes the boundaries of his world—and ours. Takaya: Lone Wolf recounts the inspirational story of one animal’s resilience, adaptation, and survival as he takes on the odds. Through Cheryl’s extraordinary connection and commitment, this special documentary reveals that humans can in fact co-exist with apex carnivores that are often perceived as a lethal threat. Amid widespread rumours and theories, Cheryl uncovers hidden clues and never-before-seen footage that detail where Takaya came from, how he got to the island, and how he’s adapted to his new landscape. And, meeting with leading experts to help decipher his remarkable behaviour, she is determined to expose the deeper lessons that this majestic hunter has to teach us all.